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vivax ASSIST- The drive unit

vivax ASSIST


Sophisticated motor power is hidden in the bike‘s seat tube. It only weights 1.8 kg (inkl. battery). Press the button and the motor delivers 200 watts to the crankshaft. Press the button again and the motor stops. Without motor power the bike functions as normal without any kind of resistance. The Lithium-Ion  high-performance battery, which fits into a conventional saddlebag, provides you with motor-assisted cycling lasting for min. 60 minutes (6 Ah) or min. 90minutes (9 Ah). The special design of the drive unit allows it to be built into any bicycle frame with the requisite seat tube internal diameter of 31.6 mm or 30.9 mm and is therefore invisible on the bicycle – except the on/off switch, which is unobtrusively located on the bar end.

Suggested retail price incl. tax
incl. 6 AH LiIon battery and charger 3 A: 2.699,00 EUR
Installation: 159,00 EUR