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Cycling with vivax assist boosts your cycling potential and you feel happier while you ride. Get a physical buzz from cycling whilst keeping it fun. Ride the world's lightest e-bike and gain your freedom. You, not the terrain, determine your performance level. Decide where you use the motor and where you can ride. Cycle at a constant optimum heart rate or use Vivax for interval training to build muscle strength. With Vivax 's 2-in-1 principle all kinds of training in any type of terrain is possible. No limits and training is fun!

With assistance at the right time you keep the feel-good endorphins flowing, keep your body moving and grow your self-confidence as you conquer new routes and undreamed of longer distances. Vivax makes you want to indulge your cycling passion at every opportunity. As your stamina and strength improve with the help of a lightweight Vivax e-bike you'll find yourself turning the motor off more and more.



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