Roadbike with hidden motor


Authentic feeling with the 2-in-1 principle

Cycling is huge fun in a group or with a partner. But cycling with others can also quickly become frustrating. Weaker cyclists trail behind stronger ones for kilometer after kilometer - not really what most riders think of as group cycling.

It is this scenario the vivax 2-in-1 principle remedies: With the lightest electric motor available anywhere the bike looks as any conventional bike, and it provides that real and authentic ride feel. When the motor assists your pedalling you can maintain your speed. When the motor is disabled vivax's free-running gears mean virtually no resistance. Get the extra adrenalin of 100% power to unleash the capabilities you never dreamed you had.

vivax's electric assistance is only usually needed from time to time for group cycling, ensuring the riders remain together. Electric support takes the strain off hard-working muscles at exactly the right moment. None of the group find the riding too taxing and none find it too easy. On easy routes electric support isn't needed at all, conserving battery capacity and battery life. Longer and more challenging touring routes are also possible, motivating and giving the rider confidence. You keep the exuberance and enjoyment of riding, even on these longer, harder routes.

The low total kit weight of 1,8 kg (including battery) keeps an authentic feeling ride. The 2-in-1 principle means you can easily mix active sports cycling with electronically assisted riding. Longer day rides are possible. vivax's incredible light weight also lets you easily reach speeds over 25 km/h without electronic support.


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