Test report Gruber Assist 3.15 in the model Steinbach Talsen

(Matthias Grams bsn120-11/2011)

Gruber Assist 3.15 in the model Steinbach Talsen
Also from Austria is the Steinbach Talsen Assist, volunteer two. “Is that light!”, I think as I get it out of the bus. Inclusive battery it weights record-breaking 11,3 kg, inclusive pedals still less than 12 kg! So it is in the weight-ranking far ahead the competition.

The pressure on the push-button signalize: The pedaling of the mountainbiker is now supported with 100 watts. The Talsen is built as a marathon-Fully and by customer-request with the feature “auxiliary drive” available. The first altitude differences I’m pedaling without support, what is no problem because of the light-weight. At steep parts in between I’m using the drive. Of course I have to pedal hard till to the top of the mountain, but in percentage it’s much easier for me to reach the top than with my Enduro. With the Talsen there are now just 41 minutes.

I’m surprised how well the drive pushed me. The battery has lost (indication) just 1/5 of the capacity.

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