What is vivax assist?
vivax assist is an auxiliary drive for bicycles which drives directly onto the crank. The auxiliary drive is designed to provide assistance and not to work as an E-Bike or pedelec. The drive power is transferred via a bevel gear to the crank axle, the reduction gears of the motor allowing this to happen. The vivax assist is a real “mountain goat”.
What does my bicycle need in order to retrofit a vivax motor?
- Aluminium or steel frame (carbon on request)
- Straight, continuous seat tube; curved, disconnected seat tubes doesn’t work at installation the bottle holder get drilled out and cannot be used longer
- Seat tube with an inner diameter of 31.6 mm (This is given for a seat post with an external diameter of 31.6 mm)
- The existing seat post will be replaced with a Ritchy Comp or the like (included in delivery)
- Crank set from Shimano Hollowtech II (not included in delivery) normal axial lenght (120 mm) with outer bearing shells
- Seat tube should be as central as possible on the bottom bracket (not shifted forwards or backwards!)

- Installation by a certified vivax assist dealer
Can I also install the motor into trekking or tour cycles?
Yes, provided that the specifications (see above) are met!
A minimum diameter of 31.6 mm or 30,9 mm is required for the seat post. Cycles for which this is the case:
Models from Müsing, Campus, TBR, Ghost, Trek, Cube, Simplon, Cannondale, Canyon, Steppenwolf, Stevens, Storck, Focus, Scott, Alu Tech, Bergamont, Centurion, Red Bull, Fuji, Hai, Hot Chili, Cheyenne, Drössiger, FAT, Bottecchia (Duello), Kuota (Korsa), Cube (Agree race)…
200 Watt motor power = 120 Watt performance increase at the axle
How can I get an idea of what the 120-watt performance increase will be like?

The simplest way is to try to pedal at around 150 watts on an ergometer. After about 10 minutes, slow down to 50 watts – can you notice the difference?
Another way to imagine it is as if another person were pushing your bike from behind.
Is there a throttle control?
No, there is only an on/off switch. However, it is also possible to programme the number of pedal rotations (that is the speed at which the motor powers the pedals) at any time – like a pedal frequeny speed control. In the process, it is also possible to simply push the bicycle at your side with a very low number of pedal rotations.
How long does the service live of the battery last?
800 recharging cycles (LiION) – within the time the battery looses app. 20-25% of his capacity.
How long does it take to charge the battery?
Dependet on the akkupack and charcher the charging process is during 3 - 4,5 hours.
Do I have to discharge the battery fully before I can recharge it?
The battery must not be fully discharged each time before it can be recharged.
Does the battery recharge itself when cycling downhill or by pedalling hard?
How long can I cycle with one battery?
The 6 Ah LiIon battery will provide around 1 hour of assisted pedalling, the 9 Ah LiIon battery 1,7 hours.
Is a replacement battery included in delivery?
No, a replacement battery is not included in delivery. This can, however, be ordered additionally if desired.
What is included in delivery?
The following is included in delivery: the propulsion unit, push button, the seat post, the saddlebag, the 6 Ah battery and the battery charger.
What must be modified on the bicycle to install the seat-tube motor?
The seat tube must be internally drilled out with a reamer. Bottle mounts are separated from the seat tube in the process. Using an M4 drill, the seat tube is drilled from the outside, approx. 7cm above the bottom bracket to allow location of two mounting screws. Only in this way is it certain that the drive pinions are held at the correct distance.
How long does the installation of the seat-tube motor take?
Approx. 2 hours
Can I carry out the installation myself?
A special tool is required for the installation. Therefore, only an installation by an authorised specialist dealer is possible.
The drive does not support me, what can I do?
Most likely only a too small number of RPM (revolutions of the pedals/min.) is stored.
This you can change, by pushing the on-/off-button for 5 seconds and pedaling as fast as possible.
Thus you store a new pedal frequnecy and get supported by the seat-tube motor, if you slow down.
For switching on and off a short activation of the function push-button is enough.

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