2-in-1 principle

Two-in-One Prinzip

The vivax 2-in-1 principle
One Bike- two functions

The lightest electric motor available anywhere means your bike can look just like a conventional bike. Here's why:

low total kit weight of 1.8 kg (including battery), means the bike can still be used as a normal bike.

The motor is elegantly hidden in the seat tube, so the centre of gravity remains where it should and the bike provides that authentic feeling ride.

A 220 mm length and a diameter choice of 30.9 or 31.6 means the perfect motor and controller size for seat tube fitting. The battery is hidden in the saddle bag. So the system is invisible, maintaining the overall look of an unpowered bike.

Kit option:
s possible to build the vivax assist into your own bike, transforming it into an e-bike that can be used like a normal bike, with virtually no motor resistance, thanks to the motors freewheel. (Please note bicycle frame requirements for fitting).

The basic function of the bike is not impaired: No other motor combines sports cycling with comfort and electronic support like the Vivax Assist 4.0. Press the button and the motor delivers 200 watts to the crankshaft; press the button again and the motor stops. Without motor power you can ride a Vivax-equipped bike as normal - without any kind of resistance.



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